Angharad Palin

 Notary Public



FEES and service information

The fees of a Notary Public reflect the checks that need to be made, the skills and experience of the Notary and the fact that a Notary Public is highly regulated and required to maintain a high level of insurance cover.

Angharad will provide a fixed fee for the service that you require, giving you certainty regarding your final bill. A discount is offered for repeat clients and for clients with a large quantity of documents.

Obviously fees depend on the complexity of the work involved but an indication of costs is as follows:

  • Simple certification of an original document e.g. a passport: £85 per document
  • Basic fee for other notarial acts: £100
  • For more complex matters or where Angharad is required to amend or draft foreign documents from scratch, Angharad will charge on a time/cost basis: hourly rate of £250
  • Sending documents for legalisation: £25
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office legalisation fee: £30 per document

VAT is not charged on fees.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.

Generally speaking, a matter will proceed as follows:

  • Initial enquiry.
  • Client supplies electronic copies of the documents so that Angharad can view them and see what needs to be done.
  • Angharad provides an accurate quote and an indication of availability and timescale.
  • An appointment will be set up at a convenient time. Angharad will outline exactly what you need to bring to the meeting.
  • Angharad will carry out verification and checks as well as considering any drafting amendments that are required. to the document.
  • Angharad will draft a notarial certificate.
  • Angharad and the client will meet, the client bringing photo identification and proof of address to the appointment.
  • Angharad will complete her notarial certificate. This will generally be at the meeting but occasionally the documents may have to be returned to you at a later date.
  • If you have instructed Angharad to obtain an apostille, she will do so. Legalisation can take between a day to several weeks depending on what is required but Angharad will advise you on the relevant timescale for your matter.
  • Angharad will issue my invoice to you for immediate payment in cash (subject to a limit of £200) or by cheque or bank transfer. The invoice will usually be sent by email unless agreed otherwise.