Angharad Palin

 Notary Public



Seeing a lawyer is never at the top of anybody's wishlist and yet, if you need to see a notary, there is usually no getting around it! Angharad aims to make the process as painless as possible for you even if the circumstances are difficult (such as probate). She provides fixed fee quotes and can make appointments to fit around your busy working life. You might need a notary for:


  • Dealing with probate where there is a cross border element.
  • Consent to travel with minor children.
  • Buying or selling property abroad.
  • Getting married abroad.
  • Emigration and immigration matters.
  • Notarising your qualifications to use abroad.
  • Swearing affidavits, oaths and declarations.
  • Adopting a child from overseas.
  • Acquiring a citizenship in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Dealing with pensions from an overseas entity.